The role of oil casing

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Casing is a pipeline device used to protect drilling pipes in oil wells. It has the following functions:
1. Protect the well wall: the oil casing can protect the well wall from the oil layer mud, oil and gas pressure and formation erosion and damage. It can prevent well wall collapse and well wall collapse, ensure the stability of the wellhead, and avoid the occurrence of downhole accidents.
2. Control of oil and gas flow: The oil casing can effectively control the oil and gas flow in the oil well and prevent the occurrence of blowout accidents by placing perfect blowout prevention equipment and airtight valves downhole. At the same time, the oil casing can also adjust the oil and gas pressure in the oil well through the equipment, and control the output and production stage of the oil well.
3. Isolated well layer: the oil casing can separate the oil well into different well sections to prevent the oil and gas of different layers from interfering and mixing with each other. This is very important for the stable production of oil wells and the improvement of the recovery ratio of remaining oil and gas.
4. Water injection and fracturing operations: The oil casing can also be used as a channel for water injection and fracturing operations, by injecting high-pressure liquid or gas to fracture the formation or increase the permeability of the oil layer, and increase the production of the oil well.
In short, the oil casing plays an important role in protecting the well wall, controlling the flow of oil and gas, isolating the well layer and increasing the production, which plays a vital role in the safety, stability and production of the well.