How much do you know about short section finishing technology?

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Short section finishing technology is a kind of machining technology for small size, high precision, complex shape of the workpiece. The technology is mainly used in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), optical devices, precision instruments and other fields.
The feature of short-section finishing technology is to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency processing, while having good surface quality and shape accuracy. The technology mainly includes EDM, laser processing, ion beam processing and other methods, according to different workpiece materials, shapes and requirements to choose the appropriate processing methods.
For example, in the field of microelectronics, it can be used to manufacture microstructures and microchannels in integrated circuits; in the field of optics, it can be used to manufacture fine structures of optical glass; in the field of precision instrument manufacturing, it can be used to manufacture precision sensors.
In general, short-section finishing technology is an important processing method, which can meet the processing requirements of high-precision, small-size, and complex-shaped workpieces, and is widely used in various fields.