Copper plated coupling for oil casing

In order to improve the service life of oil well pipes and reduce costs, oil fields require oil well pipes to be used repeatedly, which puts forward good anti-galling performance requirements for oil pipes. Because if the tubing is glued, the integrity of the threaded connection will be destroyed, and continued use may lead to leakage at the threaded connection, reduced connection strength, and serious accidents such as falling off the well may occur, causing huge economic losses to the oil field.


New Breakthrough in Key Connection Technology of Special Pipe Coupling for Oil Drilling

In recent years, experts from various countries have developed various new coatings for the phenomenon of oil casing thread gluing. At present, the main ways of thread surface treatment can not meet the requirements of good anti-galling performance, environmental protection, low cost and easy operation. Therefore, it is of great industrial value to develop a new type of anti-wear and anti-friction coating with excellent anti-thread galling performance, simple treatment, high reliability, energy saving and low price.


Super special buckle coupling successful mass production

Recently, an enterprise in China has successfully realized the large-scale mass production of super special buckle coupling. This buckle coupling has attracted wide attention for its unique design and excellent performance.


How should the coupling material be flaw detection?

When performing flaw detection, it is necessary to select the appropriate flaw detection method according to the specific situation, and operate in strict accordance with relevant standards and requirements to ensure the quality and safety of the coupling material.


How much do you know about oil casing maintenance?

Oil casing maintenance technical services mainly follow API and special thread standards to carry out cleaning, non-destructive testing, thread repair and processing, thread sandblasting, pipe end diameter reduction, hydrostatic pressure test, painting, standard spraying and other whole process maintenance services for new and old oil casing and sucker rod on the base site. Repair old and waste, maximize help customers save production costs.


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