Copper plated coupling for oil casing

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In order to improve the service life of oil well pipes and reduce costs, oil fields require oil well pipes to be used repeatedly, which puts forward good anti-galling performance requirements for oil pipes. Because if the tubing is glued, the integrity of the threaded connection will be destroyed, and continued use may lead to leakage at the threaded connection, reduced connection strength, and serious accidents such as falling off the well may occur, causing huge economic losses to the oil field.

The API standard requires that the tubing can be unbuckled for 6 times without galling during use. Although the well conditions of each oil field are different, the conditions of tubing trip-up (means of trip-up, torque and speed control, etc.) are also different, and the requirements for the times of trip-up of tubing are different, each oil field basically requires that the number of trip-up of tubing can reach more than 10 times, and some oil fields even require more than 30 times.