New Breakthrough in Key Connection Technology of Special Pipe Coupling for Oil Drilling

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J55 tubing is currently the most commonly used tubing in oil drilling. At present, the anti-galling treatment process of J55 tubing generally adopts the high-temperature phosphating surface treatment method on the thread surface. Although the high-temperature phosphating treatment method is cheap, it cannot meet the higher requirements of the oil field for the use of tubing. At present, some tubing manufacturers begin to provide J55 tubing with copper-plated coupling, so that the number of upper shackles can reach more than 20 times.

Copper plating treatment changes the physical state of the thread surface of the coupling, which can effectively isolate the direct frictional contact between the internal and external threads and the material metal during screwing, thus effectively improving the anti-galling performance of the coupling. However, the copper plating treatment has the problems of complex process and high cost, especially the serious pollution of the plating solution, which is strictly restricted by the environmental protection department.

In recent years, experts from various countries have developed various new coatings for the phenomenon of oil casing thread gluing. At present, the main ways of thread surface treatment can not meet the requirements of good anti-galling performance, environmental protection, low cost and easy operation. Therefore, it is of great industrial value to develop a new type of anti-wear and anti-friction coating with excellent anti-thread galling performance, simple treatment, high reliability, energy saving and low price.