How much do you know about oil casing maintenance?

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Oil casing maintenance technical services mainly follow API and special thread standards to carry out cleaning, non-destructive testing, thread repair and processing, thread sandblasting, pipe end diameter reduction, hydrostatic pressure test, painting, standard spraying and other whole process maintenance services for new and old oil casing and sucker rod on the base site. Repair old and waste, maximize help customers save production costs.

1. More authorization: many professional steel mills have authorized technology, and have obtained 14 special thread authorization for oil pipes and 23 special thread authorization for casing from many well-known steel mills at home and abroad, such as Baosteel, Tiangang, Henggang, Changbao, API, JFE, etc., to meet the processing and repair needs of oil well pipes in vast oil fields;

2. Fast speed: the enterprise has 3 complete inspection and maintenance production lines, customized cleaning workshop, double-tube test press, full-automatic ultrasonic magnetic flux leakage testing equipment, intelligent paint brushing and labeling equipment, etc;

3. Good service: provide technical service for oil and casing operation, and 3 professional technical teams provide technical scheme for high-quality tubing operation;

4. Model worker spirit: under the leadership of the national model worker, the 3# workshop has been technically reformed and built into a standardized model worker workshop, which mainly provides inspection and maintenance services for special thread oil casing.